CCI Assessment Tool

Check out the Zero In - CCI Assessment Tool to determine how Customer-Centric and Innovative your business is currently.  Gain insights into what you need to do so that your business can:

  • Create lifelong customers that are loyal to you and your brand

  • Build a culture of innovation in your business or team

  • Continue to intentionally find new and better ways to serve your customers - don't leave it to chance

  • Be a leader in your industry

  • Set your business up for long-term sustainable success

Basic Version - FREE

Try the free version of the CCI Assessment tool

- assess your business or team, gain insights into your current strengths and areas of opportunity

Premium Version - $29.95

Try the premium version of the CCI Assessment tool

- receive in depth analysis on your CCI Score as well as tools and strategies that you can implement today!

Once you purchase the premium version of the assessment tool, you will have 10 days to fill out the assessment.  Your custom report for your business can be downloaded for you to keep once you have completed the assessment.