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"Eight of our team members, including myself, took the ZERO IN FORMULA Customer-Centric and Innovation course; the team thoroughly enjoyed it. The greatest value we obtained is that our team now has a structured approach (the CCI fundamentals) to being a highly customer-centric and innovative team." 

Paul Poirier - EISA Senior Advisory Board Member

Only $297 CAD

If you’re reading this, it's probably because you’re eager about finding out how to build a business that both your customers and your team members love. That's great!

Understanding and applying the 2 main ingredients for a thriving business will change your trajectory and set your company up for long-term success. I stopped talking to business leaders about traditional strategic plans and started talking about how to build a customer centric and innovative business.. When I made this switch with the clients I work with, it was so powerful,
I wanted to share it with as many people as I could, I wanted every business leader I met to learn about it too. It’s an amazing feeling to serve others and help them build a thriving business.

If you’re up for the journey, I will be your guide in this course. I’ll be there with you, step-by-step as you learn to discover how to build a brand customers love and company people are passionate to work for.

Shall we?

- Dennis

"I have read The Zero In Formula and taken the course; both of which I found extremely valuable.  The course in particular really helped me to visualize the ‘who and why’ after fully understanding the three building blocks to a successful business.  This forward-thinking approach is also shaping our foundation’s purpose, direction, and values to encompass customer centric innovation.  The CCI Assessment Tool was particularly helpful in identifying areas of improvement.  In addition, Dennis provides several incredibly valuable templates to assist in deepening this focus.  I highly recommend this course either as a complement to the Zero In Formula book, or on its own."


 Deb Aben, Executive Director, The Kawartha-Haliburton Children’s Foundation.

WHY this course?
86% of customers are willing to pay more for the exact same product or service when it comes from a brand that they resonate with and provides a great customer experience.

Employees that are more engaged and love the company they work for end up being 21% more productive and the company sees 41% less absenteeism.
This course teaches you how to build a customer centric and innovative company (i.e. a brand that customers love and a company people are passionate to work)

Take a look at the most successful business leaders throughout history. They know WHY their customers do what they do, they understand WHO their customers are, and they are deftly talented at finding new and better ways to serve them.

WHO is this for?
This course is meant for savvy business owners and leaders that want to conquer the challenge of indifference.

Learn how to turn indifferent customers as well as indifferent employees into fans of your brand!

Whether you are starting up a new company or your business has been established for several years, it is never too early or too late to apply these principles and strategies.
WHAT can I expect?
Think of this self-paced online video course as a virtual visit with Dennis and 8 other global experts. As we guide you through the strategies and tools, you’ll encounter a series of videos, as well as exercises to work through on your own, or as a leadership group together.
The combination of skills, tools, and principles required to build a customer centric and innovative business is exactly what the best selling book The Zero In Formula gives you.

And now....

The Zero In Formula online course is here to walk you through, step by step.

Purchase the course and receive lifetime access to all the materials.  Take the course at any pace you wish or as many times as you like.

With over 50 instructional videos, stories and examples from businesses and leaders from various industries, interviews with global experts, and 20 take away exercises, this course is your roadmap for building the brand customers crave and the company people are passionate to work for.

See the full course syllabus that includes over 50 instructional videos, stories and examples from businesses and leaders from various industries, interviews with global experts, and 24 take away exercises.

Full Course Syllabus

Learn From Global Experts

Dennis Geelen (Canada)
Founder of Zero In and author of The Zero In Formula
Walks you through all aspects of building a customer centric and innovative business.
Eckhart Boehme (Germany)
Innovation Consultant and Developer of The Wheel of Progress
Examines the need to understand WHY customers purchase products and services and how to better understand this about YOUR customers.
Tamara Eberle (Canada)
Expert Facilitator and Cofounder of Traction Strategy
Dives into the Skill, the Will, and The Magic Pill required to build a culture of innovation and facilitating effective brainstorming sessions
Ingrid Lill (Denmark)
Brand Strategist and Founder of Lill Branding
Discusses the power of brand storyboarding and how this can help you see your purpose and direction of your company visually
Rick Adams (Ireland)
Founder and CEO of
Talks about how, when, and why to segment your customers before mapping their current and future journey with your business
Carlos Oliveira and Leah Oliveira (Canada)
Design Sprint Experts and Cofounders of adaptiveX
Walks you through the best practices for Design Sprint sessions.  What are the pros, when are they appropriate, and how do you facilitate them effectively?
Richard Russell (Luxembourg)
Innovation Consultant and Founder of Russell and Company
With vast experience from working at both Google and Amazon, Richard looks at how to get your innovation off on the right foot by using a method called 'Working Backwards'
Tracy Brown (Canada)
HR Expert and Cofounder of TART 
Reviews how best to not only attract the best talent to your team, but how to effectively retain your top employees as well.

Want to build a successful business/team through the foundation of customer centricity and innovation?

Purchase the Full Course
The entire package of 54 videos and 24 exercises that take
you through all aspects of The Zero In Formula

Want to concentrate on becoming a more Customer-Centric business/team?

Purchase the Complete Set of Customer Centricity Courses
The complete customer-centricity package of 22 videos and 10 exercises to help you better understand WHO your ideal customers are, WHAT they think and feel, and HOW to design the ultimate experience for them

Want to focus on building a culture of Innovation?

Purchase the Complete Set of Innovation Courses
The complete innovation course package of 27 videos and 8 exercises to help you create a culture of innovation.  Through proven principles and practices, become a business or team that generates new ideas to better serve or even disrupt your market!


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