Dennis Geelen
Founder and Principal

I love helping businesses of all shapes and sizes turn their customers into fans and their teams into idea machines!

My passion is to help as many companies, churches, non-profits etc. become as customer centric and innovative as possible, and be the envy of their competitors.

Through Zero In, I work with companies and organizations who want to build engaging and loyal relationships with their customers as well as a culture of innovation with their employees.    I stress the need for any and all organizations to understand, know, and empathize with their customers through various strategies and tools and then leverage that information with innovative principles and practices to find creative new ways to serve and add value to those customers.​

Since founding Zero In during 2018, I have worked with clients in several industries ranging from government, non-profit, healthcare, insurance, energy, and sports & recreation.


​I believe in a strong community focus by volunteering in several capacities and regularly donate money from the Zero In public workshops to various local charities.


I am best known by my clients for my high-energy, interactive workshops combining important information for your business along with engaging, entertaining activities for the participants.  Whether in person, or online, lets make workshops as exciting and meaningful as possible!