Dennis Geelen
Founder and Principal

I help business leaders become the Chief Difference Maker in their company by Conquering Indifference!

The biggest challenge you need to be focused on in your business is 'indifference'.  From either your customers or your team members (or BOTH!).  

Think about it, as a consumer, if you have the choice between several products or services and there is nothing that distinguishes them, nothing about any of them that resonates with you, which one would you choose?

As an employee, if you are not passionate about what you do and where you work, how much effort, creativity and passion are you going to be pouring into your work each day?

Many businesses find themselves in either or both of these scenarios at some point.  However, in order to fix these problems, I do not believe the fix for this is branding, marketing, or strategic goals.

The problem is how your business is built.  Your foundation.  

For your business to resonate with your customers and team members, and be successful long-term, it must be built on the principles of being both customer-centric and innovative.

When you are more customer centric, everything you do is about the customer. You are intentional (maybe even fanatical) about knowing who your customers are, why they want or need your product or service, their habits, their trends, and their challenges.

This information is then used to find new, creative, and innovative ways to serve your customers.

It results in a customer experience that makes them resonate with you and your brand.  They turn from customers into fans.

When you create a culture of innovation, you become a flexible business, and your teams become idea machines.

No longer do you blend in with your competition.  There is differentiation, and for all the right reasons.

Since founding Zero In during 2018, I have worked with clients in several industries ranging from government, non-profit, healthcare, insurance, energy, and sports & recreation helping them build the brand that customers love and a company that people are passionate to work for!

​I believe in a strong community focus by volunteering in several capacities and regularly donate money from the Zero In public workshops to various local charities.


I am best known by my clients for my high-energy, interactive workshops combining important information for your business along with engaging, entertaining activities for the participants. 


Whether in person, or online, lets make workshops as exciting and meaningful as possible!