Zero In is a boutique consulting firm based.  Our mission is to help as many businesses and organizations be as customer-centric and innovative as possible.

Work with Zero In to help increase your customer retention, improve your customer experience, and find new innovative ways to serve your customers.


Studies show that upwards of 40% of new start-up businesses fail to make it to two years.  Of the ones that do make it past the 2 year mark, 75% of those do not make it to 15 years.  For the ones that do make it that far, many have plateaued or may even be in decline.  They are ripe to be disrupted.

"Customers DO NOT buy your product or service, they buy what it can DO FOR THEM"

Customer-centricity means knowing your customers and giving them what they crave.  This helps you to build trust and loyalty, but also a solid reputation.  Loyal customers become fans of your brand and refer other customers to you.

"If you don't find new and better ways to serve your customers, SOMEONE ELSE WILL!"

Being Innovative brings new ideas, which is crucial to a business being able to find new and better ways to add value for your customers.  With innovation comes creative new products and services, increases in efficiency and, as a result, improved profitability.

The businesses and organizations built on the principles of customer-centricity and innovation have a solid foundation.  They are built to last and withstand various pressures.

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Customer Centric and Innovative



Being customer centric and innovative does not happen by accident.  It takes intention, with proper planning and execution.  At Zero In, we use a specific formula to help our clients achieve success.

The 3 Pillars:  There are 3 things that all businesses and organizations need to do well in order to be successful.

1. Purpose and Direction

2. Team Collaboration

3. Individual Skills and Behaviors

When each of these pillars are based on the principles of Customer-Centricity and Innovation, then you have a winning formula.