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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to read a great many books on the topics of business strategy, customer experience, innovation, and leadership that have shaped my view and approach to working with my clients, as well as my own writing.

This page is a collection of my most highly recommended books for you to read and help see your business, organization, or team differently.  

As I find new books worthy of being making it into my 'Top Picks' this page will be updated accordingly.


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Matt Watkinson

This is my #1 recommended choice for business owners or leaders.  Matt Watkinson provides a fresh view for looking at your business, the various components, how they fit together, and how they effect each other.

Matt presents thoughts and perspectives on each business component in an incredibly thorough yet concise manner. This is the ultimate playbook for making strategic business decisions.

If you are in a leadership position in any business in any sector and you have not yet read this book, I suggest you grab yourself a copy today!

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Clayton M. Christensen

I am a big fan of Christensen's work and have read several of his books.  This one I enjoyed thoroughly because he argues the need for truly understanding not just WHO your customers are (segments, personas, etc.) but more importantly WHY they purchase your product or service.

Full of great stories and examples, this book helps any business owner or leader view their customer (and subsequently how they serve them) differently.

Don't leave the success of your innovations or your business to luck.  Grab yourself a copy of this book!


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Joseph Pine & James Gilmore

Pine and Gilmore are the pioneers of Customer Experience.  Their original version of this book was released in 1999 and is new viewed as a classic.

This updated version of the book was released in 2011 with many of the original strategies and theories still holding true (or even moreso!).  

If you are wanting to learn about WHY customer experience is so important and how the economy has changed over the decades to now become one where customer not only crave, but demand good experiences, then you will want to grab a copy of this book.

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Clayton M. Christensen

Christensen makes the list again with this innovation classic and best selling book.  The Innovator's Dilemma is regarded as one of the top innovation books ever written.

Reading a little more like a textbook, Christensen goes through several industries over multiple decades and explains how and why large businesses are susceptible to being disrupted by new innovative technologies and smaller more nimble players in their sector.

For any business owner, leader, or aspiring entrepreneur this is a terrific book to help you understand how to learn from history and the inevitable dilemma that will eventually impact your company.

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Stephen R. Covey

Leading a business or team is not all about dollars & sense and efficient operations.  In order to think strategically, communicate a vision, motivate a team, and grow yourself as a leader, there are many habits that you need to form.  In fact, Stephen R. Covey would argue that there are 7.


This leadership classic is heralded as one of the top leadership and self help books of all time, and for good reason.  


In order to grow into being the leader that your team needs you to be, grab a copy of this book and start cultivating these 7 habits now. 

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