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  • Starting up a new business?  Ensure that you are building your new business on a solid foundation.

  • Looking to pivot your current business? Do it with the idea of setting yourself up for better long term success.

  • Want to measure the state of your business, team, or organization? Assess how customer-centric and innovative you are to see if you are set up to thrive long-term.


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THE ZERO IN FORMULA, Dennis Geelen's latest book, challenges business owners, CEO's, and leaders to think differently about their company. The stats don't lie. A large percentage of businesses do not make it past the first few years. Of the ones that do, only a small percentage end up surviving past 15 years. Many of those that survive have now plateaued or are in decline.


Geelen argues that if you look at the most successful businesses throughout history, you will find a common formula. The businesses that have been able to rise to the top of their sector and thrive throughout economic downturns, industry disruptions, or even a global pandemic were all built on a foundation of being customer centric and innovative.

Building a company, an organization, a school, a church, or a team that reaches the level of customer-centric innovation (CCI) required to be a leader or disruptor in your industry--with long-term sustainable success--requires intention and a plan. This book gives you the right pieces to your puzzle. This book helps you understand how to build a proper foundation. This book is your recipe.

In THE ZERO IN FORMULA we walk through the recipe together. You will learn what it means to be customer centric, with strategies and tools you can apply to your business. You will understand what it means to be truly innovative, with principles and practices you can implement. You will be guided through the recipe step-by-step to build your successful foundation. You will learn from stories and examples of other businesses and their successes and failures.

Whether your business is just starting out and looking for a blueprint to follow over time, or an existing business that realizes you need to make some corrections and get back on a better course, this book is your guide.


CCI Assessment Tool

Check out the Zero In - CCI Assessment tool to see what you need to do so that your business can:

  • Create lifelong customers that are loyal to you and your brand

  • Build a culture of innovation in your business or team

  • Continue to intentionally find new and better ways to serve your customers - don't leave it to chance

  • Be a leader in your industry

  • Set your business up for long-term sustainable success

Basic Version - FREE

Try the free version of the CCI Assessment tool

- assess your business or team, gain insights into your current strengths and areas of opportunity

Premium Version - $29.95

Try the premium version of the CCI Assessment tool

- receive in depth analysis on your CCI Score as well as tools and strategies that you can implement today!

Once you purchase the premium version of the assessment tool, you will have 10 days to fill out the assessment.  Your custom report for your business can be downloaded for you to keep once you have completed the assessment.

Innovation Game

Stay tuned for information about the new Zero In - Innovation online game.  Play the game with your team to help spark new creative ideas for your business.

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